How to Make Your Busy Life Manageable with AmazonFresh

For many of us, hearing the word Amazon makes us think of an e-commerce website where you can buy practically anything. Amazon has over 300 million users, surpassing that of Ebay and sitting just behind Apple. You can buy almost anything from Amazon, often at discount prices, all the way from china dolls and bell bottoms to stoves and dogs.

So it really comes as no surprise that Amazon often acts as a one-stop-shop for many people, and continues to be a very popular option for online shoppers all over the world. With its latest success, Amazon is now looking to increase its world-wide empire, now taking to the food industry in its latest bid to provide almost anything.

It’s called AmazonFresh, and its doors have just opened to the public for the first time. Well, in Seattle anyways.526l920x920

Tell Us More

It seems that Amazon initially started talking about this new idea last year, but only now is it ready to put the wheels into motion. Customers only have to order their groceries online, and within no time at all they’re able to pick them up from two of Amazon’s home turf stores.

There isn’t even a minimum spending requirement, which means that anyone can drive in to grab their 3 apples or their weeks’ worth of groceries with the same pick-up time. The catch is that you have to be an Amazon Prime member, which costs $99/year or $10/month.

Specs of the Plan

For stores that will include the AmazonFresh program, it seems there will be specific pull-up spots available where bags can be loaded. Customers can also opt-in to a licence plate recognition feature, which notifies employees about who you are and gets you your orders faster.526AmazonFresh

Another feature is the Amazon Prime Fresh Add-on membership, which costs an additional $15/month on top of the regular Amazon Prime membership. This added feature is what ensures that your delivery is ready within 15 minutes after ordering. Those who opt out of paying the extra fees will have to choose from two-hour pick-up windows on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Helpful or Harmful Services?

Do you think that this kind of service is absolutely necessary? Obviously for those people who are super busy, the idea of having your groceries ready for you might be an absolute godsend. Personally, I find the whole act of grocery shopping to be a rather enjoyable experience and it often helped me to learn more about food growing up.

It’s a tale as old as time with technology; making things more accessible for us, while simultaneously taking away the need for us to do basically anything with our own two feet.526amazon-fresh

What do you guys think of the new idea by Amazon? Comment below and let’s get the discussion started!

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