How to Turn Your Instagram Photos into Powerful Art

The social media platform Instagram has become a giant in the last couple of years, giving users the power to express themselves, display their life in photos, share funny memes and even make a full-time income. (If you should be so lucky!)

Some people use it for very simple uses like showing family members how the kids are doing, while others take their posting decisions very seriously. Some users create specific color themes on their feed, some represent big brands and others use it to increase their own products or companies.714canvaspop_3371

Like all social media platforms, there have been many upgrades to Instagram over the years. And while filters and albums are helpful, one of the best features that have come out of this platform is the ability to print the photos we take. Have you ever posted something that you wish you could post on your bedroom wall as well? You’re in luck.

Here are some of the options you have for making those cool photography posts into actual art for you to share, hang and love.

Print Studio

Make your printing process simple with Print Studio, a free app that allows you to select and order prints of your favorite Instagram photos or images on your camera roll. This is probably one of the easier apps to navigate, and it offers a wide range of printing options for your creative juices to flow.

Choose from regular prints and posters to large prints, magnets, display stand options and even greeting cards. This is one of the great ways to create personalized gifts and personable invites, cards and more. You can even print on metal for an extra-cool effect in a modern or industrial-styled office or bedroom!714screen568x568

Artifact Uprising

One of the higher-end options available, Artifact Uprising, offers some very professional, clean-cut prints and options that are certainly for the minimalist at heart. One of the fan favorite options is a basic photo print with a white frame, which looks amazing when displayed on a wall as a set of 9.

Other options include thank-you cards, postcards and photo albums, but we’re loving the calendar option the most. This product includes 12 of your favorite photos (one for each month of the year), clipped onto a wooden clipboard for only $30. Again, a more expensive option but a very clever gift for a photographer or for someone with a favorite account.714Artifactuprising+101

Canvas Pop 

There’s no surprise here regarding the medium that this company works with- Canvas Pop is all about the canvas. Using this kind of material is slightly more expensive than basic paper, but it creates a very unique look with photos that is perfect for more of a cottage or comfy feel.

Instead of an app, Canvas Pop is available at their actual website, where you can upload photos from pretty much anywhere for printing. This includes your Instagram, camera roll and Facebook account. If you’re looking for something larger in size, this company makes prints ranging anywhere in size from 12 x 12 inches to 38 by 38 inches.714l224ff61


There are all kinds of options when it comes to printing your photos, but these 3 options are ideal for creating something a little bit more unique. Try out the canvas, metal or wood prints to get a look that matches your style, or just keep it simple with some 4×4’s and plaster them all over the house. They’re your photos, so you do you!

While I’ve got you, have you seen these updates to snapchat? Take a look and let us know what you think! Happy printing!



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