Improved Carpool Karaoke Has Everything We Want and More

Late Late Show host James Corden came up with a brilliant idea for one of his show’s segments. It would be known as “Carpool Karaoke”, and it featured James driving around the city with a celebrity passenger. The skits were a way to get up-close and personal with celebrities about their own lives, while also adding in some serious beats and hilarious karaoke performances.

The segment did seriously well. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch Adele belt her lungs out at a stop light or listen to John Legend musically swoon his driver? The short segments grew and grew with popularity, garnering more than 11 million subscribers for James Corden’s YouTube channel.

It comes as basically no surprise then, that Apple has taken notice of this successful little skit, and now we’re learning that the company has commissioned 16 new episodes of Carpool Karaoke which have been in the mix for quite some time. Allegedly, it was supposed to air in early 2017, but the show was delayed and is now ready to rock.britney-spears-james-corden-carpool-karaoke-00

What Can We Expect?

This Tuesday August 8th, fans are going to get to experience a whole new version of Carpool Karaoke featuring all of their favorite stars including the man who made the show famous. It’s been reported that James will be a part of some of the episodes, while celebrities will be doing takeovers of other episodes including pairs such as Miley and Noah Cyrus, Alicia Keys and John Legend, Ludacris and Tyrese and even Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones.carpool-karaoke-show-trailer-1486993456

To get fans excited about this new rendition of Carpool Karaoke, a number of teasers have been popping up to give viewers a sneak peek. One video shows a split screen, showing off a plethora of big names, including some famous athletes who have been a new addition to the show. While it was previously based around actors and singers, now sport greats such as Shaquille O’Neal and Lebron James are gracing the screen to show off their own singing pipes and comedic timing.

Where Can We Watch?

The episodes will be viewable for those with Apple Music subscriptions, with episodes being released every week for your viewing pleasure in the music app. If you’re not already subscribed, you might want to find someone who is.

One of the teasers shows off a James Corden interview with none other than the king of comedy himself, Mr. Will Smith. Viewers can enjoy snippets of the duo singing the theme song for “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, and a sneak peek of their helicopter karaoke rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly”.rs-carpool-karaoke---the-series-24b34687-767b-42b9-b122-45f2c0c6f302

The show promises to be a good one, much like the successful “Lip Sync Battle” episodes that started as a small segment on Jimmy Fallon’s own late night show. The two comedians are some of the best in late night entertainment, and I for one am super excited to check out these new episodes. Will you be tuning in for a new and improved Carpool Karaoke? Or are you more of a Lip Sync Battle fan? Comment below!

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