Instagram: The Importance of a Like

Instagram, where you are either ‘Instafamous’ or just another face in the crowd with some pictures. So what is it about Instagram and obtaining likes that is just satisfying? Is the fact of knowing that your picture is awesome and you didn’t even have a filter? Is it the fact that you are trying to gain publicity for maybe an event or an accomplishment? Well, I’ll tell you something, it’s a little bit of both.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the thrill of this app, here is a reader’s digest version of it. Basically, you post pictures, you have these AWESOME filter’s that you can choose from that will best fit your picture. You then can put any and however many hashtags you feel necessary that are either trending or just your own home-made hashtags, and then you wait patiently to see if people like your picture. You can also ‘follow’ people. Meaning they will show up on your newsfeed and you can see all of their posts, however, just because you may follow someone doesn’t mean that they are following you back, unless you get a notification that says so. You can also follow famous celebrities, style icons, technology lovers, basically anything you are interested in, they probably have an account for you to follow of Instagram.

imageNow, to get back to the main topic of what is SO important about a like on Instagram, let’s look at some of the reasons why we have an Instagram. Well, for starters, everybody I know has one, it’s a way to connect with friends from either high school or college to see what they’re up to. We’ll either see they’re still wasting their time getting plastered or zooted (high), or see that they’re acing all of their papers, and their life going swimmingly. We also use it to creep on our crushes profiles and stalk them until the end of time and learn his/her mother’s maiden name, his/her sister’s boyfriend, and figure out if he is still in contact with his/her ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. We can also use it just to stalk our favorite celebrities as well and be just like TMZ.

Why else do we have Instagram though? There’s more to it than stalking and finding your friends accounts, what’s the sole purpose of this app? Taking pictures of course! The genius behind this whole app was explained in the movie, The Internship, with Vince Vaughn, it’s so you can either snap a picture or video and just upload it directly to this app without any fuss. This app is almost in a way, for you to keep a timeline of your life events.

That includes whether it’s just your average selfie, to a night out with friends, to a selfie at work, to graduation, to your first REAL job interview, to the birth of your first kid. It keeps an easier record than Facebook for you to look back on and reminisce.

So, the reasons as to why likes are very important to individuals (such as myself), is I guess it’s the teenager in everyone that wants everyone to like them. You feel like you put in so much work to the selfie you took at least fifty times before posting it and making that tough decision between filter or no filter. You worked hard as hell to gain that A on your paper or to get into your top school. You worked your butt off for that article to be published and damn it, you will share it and you will hope for others to like that post whether or not they really read your article or if they’re just being nice. You know…these are just examples…

When you share a post such as the ones I listed, receiving a like on Instagram is almost like a ‘kudos’ or an acknowledgement of hey, that must have hard…you so earned this like. Or even when you add a hashtag to it you are trying to reach out and see who else either has this particular interest or who is searching for your hashtag, so once you see a like from a random stranger you honestly feel elated. Elated in the sense of wow, that individual has a lot of followers and over a thousand likes on their posts daily, and you took the time out to like mine, my post is clearly awesome.

A like is so much more than a like, unfortunately. The reason why I’m saying unfortunately is because a like should only mean a like, but in todays world of society and this generation (this includes the adults), we need that extra self-confidence boost in a like on our selfie to feel good. To feel pretty. We need to obtain that approval of others to feel empowered and to know that I’m not the only one who likes this drawing of a bird that I did in art class. A like is an approval to keep going with whatever it is you have done.

I’m not saying that gaining over two hundred likes on a post is terrible, heck, it’s great, the most I’ve ever obtained is sixty and I feel incredible! But, what I am saying is contemplating taking down a post because you didn’t get a certain amount of likes should never cross somebody’s mind. You obviously liked that picture or video enough to share it to the world, so why delete it? Also, just a side note, who cares about how many followers you have?image

I know it’s awesome to have twenty thousand, but be happy about your two hundred, some people don’t even have any followers but they’re following a thousand. I’ve seen so many desks and bathroom stalls with people’s Instagram names, really? I mean how desperate (@ababayy18) can you be?

Anyways, the importance of a like has to deal with empowerment, approval, and the satisfaction of knowing that somebody took the time to like something of yours. When it comes to Instagram, you can find any post you desire, whether it’s somebody’s selfie, somebody’s accomplishment, or even somebody’s interest. A like in the world of Instagram means so much more than a like. The creators of this app are clearly creative and ingenious masterminds in disguise.



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