iPhone Tricks for Basically Professional Photos

Don’t we just love taking photos? In a world where the “selfie” is now an actual word and Photoshop capabilities are basically from a whole other world, it’s becoming easier and easier for your regular Joe to capture absolutely stunning photos with nought but his phone.

If you’re looking to step your game up when it comes to taking great photos, the creators of the iPhone really have given you some great tools to work with. Some we know quite well and sometimes we rely on other apps to make us look flawless in the pouring rain. Regardless, if you’ve got an iPhone and you want to know the tricks, follow along for improved photo skills.

  1. Utilize the Grid

It’s been said that to get the very best photos, you should split your frame into 9 equal rectangle shapes and 4 crisscrossing lines. The grid helps to balance photos, as well as providing points of focus for your photos. To create a grid for your photos, head over to your Settings, and then open Photos & Camera. Once there, turn on the grid option and you’ll see it the next time you open your camera.616grid-iphone-camera

  1. Burst Mode

Taking one photo is nice, but taking a handful at one time is even better! Sometimes you just don’t quite nail “the shot” because it happened to quickly or your phone needs a second to prep for the next shot. Avoid all of this nonsense simply by holding your finger down on the capture button.

Your phone will begin taking burst mode photos that snap pictures one after the other. Sometimes these groups of photos can be a pain to go through, but chances are you’ll catch the perfect moment somewhere in this collection of snaps.616screen568x568

  1. Portrait Mode

 Being able to play with an effective zoom is a really great way to bring specific objects to attention in your photos. For those with the iPhone 7 Plus, one of the newest camera features is called “Portrait” and it’s available right in your photo style menu along with Photo, Video, Pano and more.

The photo will recognize a person’s face and create a focused portrait of them, simultaneously blurring out the background. This can make for some very creative, very professional-looking shots that are usually only seen in high-quality cameras.616portrait

  1. Lock Focus

 Usually with iPhones you can focus on a specific part of a photo, but as soon as you take the picture the focus is lost. If you’re looking to focus on a specific point for a series of photos, try the “lock focus” option that is available.

To do this, simply tap and then hold on the screen when your camera is open. You’ll be greeted with a handful of rectangles around your finger, which will tell you that the focus and exposure are now locked. You can take a series of photos with the locked focus, regardless of whether you move around the object a little or a lot. This is great for beginner photographers who are working on a specific product or just honing their skill.

  1. Apple Watch Assist616pluntitled

If you have an apple watch, then you’ve automatically got a new camera assistant to help you take some cool photos. When your camera is on, you can use your watch’s screen to view what the iPhone is viewing. That means if you drop your FroséPop behind your desk, you could slide your iPhone in the back and use your watch to see where it landed!

It also works as a remote shutter and can take photos with your phone after a short delay. Never miss a group photo again, just run into the photo and use your watch to set up a delayed photo and no one will be the wiser!


What kind of fun photo apps have you discovered on your iPhone? Share your knowledge here!

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