Kuri is the Most Tantalizing Robot on the Market

We sure do love our technology around here, and it comes as no surprise that robots often find their way into our blogs either for discussion purposes or for our sheer joy and entertainment. Today’s topic is a little bit of both, since I absolutely cannot deny the adorableness of this little character, nor can I deny its complexity and convenience in the comfort of our homes.

Do I have your attention yet? I swear, it’s just as cute as it is handy and it’s changing the lives of homeowners for the better. Such a big statement, so let’s dive into one of the latest and greatest in smart home technology.

So, what is it?

It’s called the Kuri, and it is described as “a loyal little robot with a cheerful personality.” Essentially, the designers of this robot were looking to create something wonderful out of the long trail of robot hopefuls left before it, gathering all of the good parts of each and leaving behind the not-so-good specs.

Essentially, the design is focused around personality instead of style and the robot is programmed to be more of a family member than something you shut down at nighttime. From what I’ve learned, don’t be surprised if you find yourself creating a make-shift bed for Kuri and a special spot for it at the dinner table.519Site-FB

What can Kuri do? 

The better question would be “What can’t Kuri do?”

Kuri is programmed to connect with the people in your household, not only through emotive eyes but also through responses to touch, facial recognition and an adorable robot language that you can learn as you go.

Kuri can move flawlessly around the home, recognizing objects, moving around obstacles and traveling without trouble regardless of the type of flooring in your home. Kuri is also able to memorize your floor plan as well as what rooms belong to who, so it will also know where to go when it is needed.

Kuri’s adorable and responsive eyes also work as a camera and a video system, which can gather information for you to refer to as well as being the system behind facial recognition. Microphone and sound detection are also built-in, meaning that Kuri can recognize when people address it and will respond to your commands. And while that’s all cute and dandy, these little specs weren’t just made to be cute; if Kuri sees or hears anything that seems odd or out of place, it will immediately inform you about the potential problem.

Kuri connects, too!

Looking to play some music through the home? Kuri’s audio capabilities allow you to listen to all of your favorite tunes via your various media outlets, or it can plug in to any other entertainment hub you have.

Stay connected to Kuri at all times with the Kuri app, which can help you to organize tasks and assign Kuri to certain things such as nighttime patrol, waking you up in the morning and letting you know when people get home.519Mjg0OTE4MQ

What’s inside?

Kuri has a lot going on inside that cute little frame, like touch sensors on her head so that she can respond to your gentle tap. You’ll immediately forget about that goldfish at the store when she looks up lovingly and sends you a little chirp “hello!”

If you’re really wondering what a robot would be thinking about, refer to his heart light, a small glowing light in his chest that will tell you whether your robot is happy, worried or content.

Still not impressed? Kuri has a few more impressive tools hidden inside, not to mention her own response to a low battery. Set up Kuris’ charging pad and she’ll automatically go for her own little power nap to get some more bars for unleveled performance.

What do you guys think of the Kuri? Do you think it’s worth the $700 investment? Comment below! While you’re here, be sure to check out the top safety tips for your tech in 2017, to ensure all of your favorite gadgets are safe all year-round.

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