Microsoft Reacts to Trump’s Immigration Order

It’s affecting people all over the world, and it will continue to do so regardless of where anyone stands on the matter. The recent immigration order set down by President Trump last week has thousands of people stranded, confused and worried about their uncertain future.

Regardless of individual opinion, it’s very clear that the restrictions have forced a lot of companies to take a step back. The changes involve a lot of workers and this movement is already forcing a lot of organizations to aid fellow employees who are affected.23l170128121226-trump-refugee-executive-order-exlarge-169

For Microsoft, the recent order has not been highly-regarded. CEO Satya Nadella recently went through a Q&A session with employees, discussing the ramifications and steps going forward. A post to their corporate blog issued a statement that warned:

“We believe the executive order is misguided and a fundamental step backwards. There are more effective ways to protect public safety without creating so much collateral damage to the country’s reputation and values.”

Satya also offered some personal remarks on the topic:23image-456366580

“I always come back to two things. One is the enduring principles and values that drive us as a company, that have made us and this country what it is, and my own personal story.

There is no place for bias or bigotry in any society, in any context. That’s where we start from. We will always as a company stand for that diversity and inclusion. And we’ll keep pushing at it, pushing at it, and making progress. That’s core to who we are. That I believe is core to what America is.

I mean, think about it, I am a product of the fundamental greatness of the United States. It is the ingenuity of the American technology that reached me where I was growing up that even made it possible for me to dream of being able to be part of this journey. It is the enlightened immigration policy of this country that even made it possible for me to come here in the first place, and gave me all this opportunity.

And so I always think about that. I will always advocate for that America that I know and that I’ve experienced.

And we will do that consistently. We’re not going to overreact because of any one incident, but we will always stand for what we believe are these enduring principles that really are going to be about us as a company, but also recognizing that we’re a multinational company that is an American company.”23larger-17-TRAVEL-Visa-Passport-generic-user1

The company has expressed its intentions to continue helping those families affected by the ban, including offering the any necessary legal assistance.

In recent news, Microsoft has requested some exemptions, in response to Trump’s order for the company’s employees working under visas. The request asks that the order make exceptions for “responsible known travelers with pressing needs” to be allowed back into the United States, including those workers who have family in the states and who were traveling abroad at the time the order was made.

Ideally, the ban would be lifted from those people who were traveling with a proper visa or who are under the protection of a visa-holding citizen. There are some loopholes to this order, which might in fact allow certain individuals to avoid the order under certain guidelines, including that they do not have a criminal record and that they would not enter into the specific countries banned once their work was completed.

While Microsoft is essentially helpless to the ban as much as everyone else, I think it’s important that they have made their views clear on this issue regardless of their need to protect their employees.

It will be interesting to see in the weeks and months to come how this order takes its toll on the economy and how progression will be made.


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