MP3 Music Downloader: Stealing Songs or Enhancing Fan Growth?

I, like the millions of other people in the world, once had an MP3 music downloader installed in their phone. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a non-virus smartphone app that illegally downloads your favorite songs to your phone. Recently, I had that app removed from my phone due to the fact that I needed a lot of space put back onto my memory card for an update since I refused to delete any of my one thousand selfies. Upon the deletion of my app I also began deleting many other miscellaneous files from my phone not thinking anything of it.

Obviously, I should have.classical-music-245590_1280

Once my phone was finally able to complete the update it needed, I looked back at my playlist and notice that I am missing over one hundred and fifty songs. Clearly I was utterly heartbroken at the fact that I couldn’t even remember more than half of the names to the songs I was missing! However, I knew that I really did not want to redownload any other music downloading apps mainly because I had problems with all of the other ones I had previously used up until this last app. Then, it dawned on me another reason as to why I should not download this app…HELLO it’s technically kind of illegal. By technically, I mean it is.

Think about it. Everyday people are downloading this app to their smartphones (at least most individuals with androids, I know for sure), they’re finding their favorite songs/artists, then they just click download for ZERO money and boom! There is the latest song, Rap God by Eminem! It’s crazy, artists are making their music for us to buy, download to our handheld devices, plug in and listen to. That is how this system has always worked. Now, however, we are able to just download everything these artists worked so hard for and they get nothing in return.

Or do they?

mobile-616012_1280Most fans nowadays of any music group vary from as young as five years old up until age ninety, probably. Some of these fans may not be able to afford an iPhone, iPods, or any Apple products really, so there’s obviously no iTunes for them to buy and download their music. So, what are they going to do? Sure, they can buy a CD, but as crazy and unbelievable as it may sound, a lot of stores have STOPPED selling CD’S. The reason why I’m aware of this is because one day I was looking for a CD that was at least maybe four years old at the time, it was a CD by the band, Flobots to be exact!

As I pursued this hunt I went to the number one place that I could think that would absolutely still have this album, Hot Topic! As I searched high and low, I took notice to the fact that their CD collection was shockingly almost non-existent. I asked one of their workers for help. He then said to me, ‘that was a kick-ass album by Flobots,’ then he looked almost disappointed as he said ‘soon we’re going to stop selling CD’s here, nobody’s buying them people are just going online and downloading them that way. Nobody cares about a CD anymore.’

It left me thinking, FYE barely exists anymore and now Hot Topic the house of band tees, rock music, CD’s, and Vinyl’s may no longer have CD’s? How insane?

So, where does that leave people who can’t either afford Apple products nor find a CD? To find another solution. With the mindset of somebody young, we obviously do NOT want to wait three to four days for the latest DJ Snake album, we want it right now! That is what makes these individuals create such sites as well as apps for others who need that music now! They would rather listen to it immediately and not care about how they receive this music than try and track down a CD or wait until they can afford to buy and download their music.

mobile-605422_1280Now, to go back to the suggested question within the title of this article, is downloading music illegally really such an awful thing or is it a way for music artists to gain an amazing fan base? As frustrating as it must be for music groups and artists to put their heart and soul into a track or record and have it ripped off and make nothing from it, they really are making something from this act. They’re making fans! They’re making others really happy and so excited that they can own a piece of music from their favorite artist! They are growing a huge following because one friend will show another friend a song and then they will more than likely download that song for themselves and show others their work.

So, although yes, it is one thousand percent illegal, no argument for that at all, who knows, I might even be arrested right after this is posted for admitting that I USED to illegally download music. Yet, although it is a crime, is it really a crime to love an artist or group so much that you want to get their music no matter the risk?

I think that’s a die-hard fan commitment right there!

Also, just to throw this idea out there. I am well aware that almost every artist has a Youtube channel or VEVO as they call it, but, isn’t their music all over Youtube anyways? Whether it’s their personal account or some individual who took it upon themselve’s to create a lyric video for an artist’s song, what’s the difference between that and illegally downloading music? You are still listening to the same song or album one hundred times on repeat not paying a penny for it! So unless the artists are getting paid for their accounts from Youtube every time someone listens to their songs, what is the absolute difference?

Anyways, although my illegally downloading days are over, I will still always raise the question of is it really stealing from an artist if you’re gaining a fan that will continue to download their music, share it with their friends, and possibly, maybe even go to a few of their concerts? What do you think?


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