Netflix Increasing Prices for the Best Options

It always costs more to get the best of the best, and we’re now seeing Netflix increasing prices to reiterate that statement. Not that it’s an absurd movement by the entertainment giant; I can’t say I’ve ever been upset to see my $11.99 bill each month to enjoy limitless shows and movies at the click of a “Yes, I’m still watching” button.

And yet, it’s important that Netflix lovers everywhere know what kinds of changes are happening and what they can expect on their future bills. The changes come as no surprise, as Netflix has done this before and will likely continue to make progressive rate increases with continued success.

Netflix Increase Prices- What to Expect?

There are 3 plans currently available from Netflix, with the cheapest costing $7.99/month for small streaming on one device. The second plan is the most popular, costing $9.99/month in high definition on two devices at once. The most expensive option costs $11.99/month, offering 4k streaming and 4 devices at once.1013nf-20a17-20no-20credit-20card-20ss2

For those who are happy with the $7.99/month plan, the good news is that there will be no charge increases for this option; this plan has obtained the same price since its introduction in 2010 and will likely remain the same.

For those with the popular $9.99/month plan, they can expect to pay $10.99 for future bills, which isn’t too much of an increase when you consider all of the features and streaming available at this price. For those with the $11.99 membership however, the price will now see a 16% increase and cost $13.99/month.

Why the Increase?

Although the 4k option is not super popular yet, Netflix is anticipating the growth of this feature and is planning to charge more when more people start switching over. Other reasons for an increase in pricing includes the growing popularity of exclusive shows, new product features and an improved Netflix user experience.

For new users who sign up today and in the coming weeks, the new prices will already be applied. Users who are already signed up will be notified about the changes around October 19th and will see the changes on their next bill.1013netflix-app-iphone

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, this isn’t even really a question. I know that a lot of people have the opinion that streaming illegally is a lot easier or a better way to avoid charges, but when it comes to Netflix, it’s the best of the best and it’s a good service to pay for.

I’m all for supporting the talent and the people who work hard to make awesome entertainment. Netflix offers some of the best material out there, and their Netflix originals are straight fire. Seriously, have you watched Ozark? Have you seen the comedy specials? Why not pay the $8 or $14 and continue to enjoy watching people offer more awesome content?

It’s a no brainer for me. What do you guys think? Twitter’s latest move is also a pretty smart approach to television, have you read the news yet?


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