New Features of the iPhone X You Need to Consider

If you’ve got your eye on the new iPhone X model, then you likely know some of the things you can expect from the new design. With a name like iPhone X, it’s fairly clear off the bat that this version would be slightly different than previous ones, but we can never really be sure what Apple has had up its sleeves.

Luckily there have been some reports about the details and specs we can look forward to with Apple’s latest model, so we wanted to share them with everybody! These hidden features in the new iPhone might be the very things that steer you towards or away from getting that update you’ve been thinking about.

Here are some of the new features of the iPhone X:

No ‘Home’ Button

If you’ve had any version of the iPhone for a long time, then you probably don’t even realize how often you’re tapping that little home button at the bottom of the screen. While that pint-sized button has become one of the trademarks of the Apple iPhone line, the new iPhone X isn’t equipped with one.1110OV_Hero
The result is a look that leans more towards an android phone, since the screen can now take up the entire front face. Instead of using the home button to wake up your phone, now all you have to do is tap the screen, or pick it up. The motion can be sensed by the phone and the screen will react.

Facial Recognition

Forget the fingerprint trick Apple brought out in previous versions, now the iPhone X requires you to download the details of your face to unlock it. The function is called Face ID, and to activate it you’ll need to be actively looking at the screen for it to read.

This is a smart spec of the new function, which deters people from trying to open your phone by pointing the camera at your face. (Likely a good thing if you have a sneaky friend or partner who just can’t keep their paws off of your stuff!)

Not comfortable with Face ID for specific apps, or using it in general? This feature can easily be altered to your preferences or turned off completely. However, other cool features that the Face ID boasts include turning down the sound when it knows you’re already on your phone, and dimming the brightness of the screen when you look away. Horrifyingly genius.1110iPhone_X_gestures_571x321_jpg_large

Privacy Upgrade

It’s very convenient to be able to see messages on your lock screen, but it’s not always that great when you’ve got prying eyes around you. With the iPhone X, message notifications will still pop up on the screen, but will hide sensitive notification previews. Once the Face ID recognizes you, it will then expand the messages to reveal more information.

If you’re willing to learn a few new tricks, then you’ll likely be able to get used to this new iPhone X version. From what we’ve seen, without the home button a few things get more complicated, like turning off the phone and taking screen shots. All of these things require a little extra work this time around, but the new design might be worth it if you’re in dire need of the latest version.


Are you planning to invest in the iPhone X? Or maybe you already have it?! Tell us about it below! We want all the details! Meanwhile, do you have any kids who have their eyes on the latest version? We’ve got a few suggestions for parents when it comes to managing social media and kids. Check it out!

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