New Year’s Resolutions in Technology

Now that the classic holiday festivities of the season are coming to a close, a lot of us might be groaning and moaning about how much control we lost eating the turkey and stuffing. Luckily, New Year’s is just around the corner and that means we have the chance to redeem ourselves! (Or completely fail, crash and burn).

However, while it’s nice to set goals like losing weight and eating healthier, I’ve recognized that goals don’t always have to begin on the 1st of January. In fact, sometimes putting a specific date on them makes them even harder to obtain. Not to mention, sometimes building ourselves up to that first day of 2017 after frivolous celebrating is a little too much to load on our shoulders. (Realist first, positivity-giver second).1230-reso

With this in mind, I wanted to lay some resolutions out on the table that don’t put quite as much pressure on us. While they may not be life-changing, they can certainly make your day feel a little more organized and quite frankly, a little more chill.
Ladies and gents, here are New Year’s resolutions in technology:

De-Cluttering Your Computer

 Not high on your regular list of to-do’s, de-cluttering your computer seems simple but takes a lot of work. And can feel soooo good once you’ve done it. Wipe that baby clean and give it some new life. I’m talking your ex’s photos, essays from high school, e-mails from your first ever adult job and allll the giant files. (Because WHY). Once you’ve got everything cleaned up, you may just be able to see that pretty desktop photo of your cat again.


“You get to unsubscribe! You get to unsubscribe. Everybody gets to unsubscribe!”

Seriously, this junk is so annoying and it just builds up until one day you think, “Wait a minute…why am I subscribed to Jelly of the Month Club?” You’ve literally never read a single newsletter from them! You don’t even like jelly! You’ve been mindlessly deleting every e-mail you’ve ever received from them since the dawn of time and even the dinosaurs unsubscribed before you did!

Put aside some time. Go through those e-mails and whatever other god forsaken form of media these people stalk you on and YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.1230-unsub

Recycle Your Used Tech  

You’ve got iPhones coming out the ying yang but you still keep them anyway. I know, it feels like they’re still worth something after the horrendous price you once paid for them but guys—let it go. Laptops, phones, headphones, games…you name it, you can pitch it. There are tons of places you can take your old tech to be properly recycled so please google locations near you to lay that tech to rest with some respect. (And as I’m typing this I’m staring directly at my old Macbook laptop gathering dust and I am ashamed.)

Also, its none of my business but if you’re going to be chucking your old technology, give it a good wipe beforehand because I don’t know what you’ve been up to. Here are some ways to trade in your tech for cash!1230-recycle

Update your Passwords

If you’ve been using the same “clever” password for everything over the last decade, it’s time to throw the retirement party. While you may swear by it, that’s probably because you have no trouble remembering any password ever because they’re all the same. (Just an FYI…this is bad.)

Take some time to create some new, unique passwords and then keep them all safe with a password manager.1230-password

Take a Break

 Trust me when I say, I know the struggle of the always-alluring social media. However, even while technology has made a lot of things in this world much easier and convenient, it’s always clear that we need to enjoy the world around us more often. If you’ve been spending way too much time in front of a blue screen, a great resolution is to cut back on your usage whenever possible. Spend time with friends, put the phones in a fish bowl and enjoy some quality time. Heck, go for a quick walk if you can! It all counts. There’s nothing like the present to be present.

See what I did there.


So there you have it! Some New Year’s resolutions for technology that aren’t quite as daunting or scary as some of the other options. And while we’re all for getting fit, eating great and traveling more, try some of these smaller fixes to make each day a little bit better. 🙂

What technology resolutions will you be going for this year? Let us know how your pressure free technology resolutions are going.




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