Skype Got a Makeover You Need to See

All of the social media giants of the world (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) have been facing off over and over since basically the dawn of time. We’ve been following the battle for quite a few years now, watching each platform attempt to outdo the ideas of their enemies with more options, more real-time documentation and a plethora of other aggressive details.

It’s all a part of the attempt to gain the most users and to keep said users entertained and taken care of. When one company starts to fall off the map, it’s not long before they bring on an option that another platform has already incorporated. While we’d like to say it’s unique idea after unique idea rolling in, everything is mostly just copycat versions of everyone else’s ideas.

And we get that- sometimes an idea is just too good to pass up. And that’s what brings up to Skype.62skype-1200x815


Yes, do you even remember Skype? That little blue icon with a white ‘S’ in the middle of it? You might get flashbacks if you hear the classic phone ring, the characteristic ghostly sound when a message popped up or the sound of “Can you still hear me?” from any and all users. Yes, Skype used to be one of the top dogs when it came to communication, but it certainly could use an upgrade.

Skype Looking to Improve

The last update that Skype saw was in 2006, which is basically the same as saying a really, really long time ago and shame on Skype for the lack of updates. In 2006, the song Sexyback by Justin Timberlake had just come out…heck, even JoJo was still a popular singer. So needless to say, Skype has been ready for an upgrade for a while.

So, what are we talking here?

It comes as no surprise whatsoever that Skype has been introducing a few features that you might recognize from somewhere else…or from a few places, in fact. That’s because (like I mentioned), sometimes that best way to keep up with audiences is to follow suit with what’s working best right now.

That means that Skype is introducing their own version of the story feature, except they’re calling “Highlights”, as well as adding the option to do a simple swipe that opens up your camera automatically.62skype-preview-android-screenshots2

The idea behind some of the upgrades was based on the notion that many of us use Skype to speak with people we already know like friends and family. While other platforms are often used for quiet exchanges or brand new acquaintances, Skype is inarguably a more personal application that hasn’t become tainted by the fast, impersonal follows (yet).

With that in mind, it was important for Microsoft to improve communication options, but now at the pace that other platforms are working in, which might explain why it has taken so long.

The chat feature will also include some bots that can offer helpful information and guidance, as well as offering chat add-ins and a Snapchat-like feature for photo taking. Users simply swipe to open their camera, and have the option to take a photo or video that can also be decorated with text, handwriting and unique stickers. (Sound familiar?)

Features to Note

While Skype now has a very similar feature to Snapchat, there are a few differences. For instance, shared photos and videos can stick around for as long as a week, whereas Snapchat only offers a day-long option.

It also only shows your Highlights to those that are following your stories; this feature gives people more control over who they’re seeing on their contact list. Looking for similarities to Facebook? Just check out the reaction options. Users can like your photos and videos with an array of emotions, or send along a private message if an emoji just isn’t enough.

It’s all a little overwhelming- everything seemed to come at once with this communication app. Need some time to soak it all in? Check out this list of new Skype features to learn more.


What do you guys think of the new and improved Skype? Do you see any use for Skype or is it much too late for this older platform? We want to know what you think! Comment below or check out these great tech gifts for Father’s Day since we know you’re not ready yet!


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