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Affordable braces! Yes, you heard me right! With all of the fancy new technology that’s hitting the markets, it’s about time we got something that could hike down the cost of everyone’s buck teeth. I know my parents paid an arm and a leg for years and years of braces and retainers (oops), but now people might not have to sweat so much about their crooked smiles! Intrigued? I’ve got something for you…

Dental Startup FTW 

(It means for the win, by the way.) Dental startup for the win!

Yes, a new dental startup is here and they’re attempting to make your dreams of pearly, straight whites a little more attainable. The company is called Candid, and their aim is to provide an alternate method for affordable braces, if possible.

Candid is a direct-to-customer company, which means they deal directly with their customers without any middle man. The idea behind their startup, is to provide customers with an affordable solution to a healthy smile for long-term results that won’t break the bank.

Sounds like a scam?

Trust me, after years of wearing horrendously-shaped retainers, I really don’t want to know that affordable braces can so easily be accessible. But I digress…922untitled

To provide affordable, simple mouth care, Candid uses a 3D printer to create FDA-approved aligners, which can be fit for people who require mild to moderate orthodontic work. It’s a three-step process, which begins with a modeling kit being sent to your home. You then create a mold using the directions, and send it back to a designated Candid company for evaluation.

Candid already has a number of registered orthodontists signed up, with at least one orthodontist available in every state aside from North Carolina. One of these specialists receives the model of your mouth and decides whether or not your case is mild to moderate. If it is more complicated, then they will advise you to see a local orthodontist.

If you have a case that is acceptable, then you will be sent a 3D model of what you can expect your new smile to look like. If you like what you see, you can expect to get your aligners within a few weeks, as well as some whitening solution (because what’s a brand-new smile without white teeth?!)

How long does it take?

First of all, from the time I first met my orthodontist to the day my braces came off, it was roughly 6 years. Six years! Candid claims that from the time you order a modeling kit to the time you get your aligners; you could be looking at as little as six weeks. (Cringing for my former teenager self).

How much will it cost?

Forget about spending all of your savings so your child can have a semi-decent high school experience…now they can have it for only $1,900! That might sound like a hefty price off the bat, but in actuality the cost of braces can be as much as $7k while Invisalign can cost as much as $8k!922c700x420

The idea that Candid is working with, is that you don’t have to be a wealthy individual or family to have straight teeth. They wanted to be able to offer lower income families a solution that could be paid up-front or monthly to suit their individual needs.

Straight teeth at a fraction of the cost and time? For anyone thinking about doing this, I’ll be sure to send positive thoughts that you have mild-moderate teeth issues. Good luck!

Would you try out this new approach for affordable braces? Comment below! While we’re on the topic of small makeovers, check out Skype’s new makeover here!



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