Speak To Go With Google Brings VR Mainstream

Google aims to bring virtual reality to the mainstream. Speak To Go with Google is a new browser based 360-degree VR image platform. Visitors use voice search to find an attraction then view it with a VR headset. Since Speak To Go is browser-based, the user doesn’t need to download any special apps. 413untitled

Although Speak To Go with Google is intended for use with VR headsets, you can enjoy it on your desktop computer. You simply launch the website, follow simple directions and Google randomly presents a 360 image of an iconic landmark or striking architecture. The image isn’t as 3-dimensional as it appears through a headset, but you enjoy the panoramic views.

When you are ready to move on, press the spacebar and it serves a new location to visually explore. Google might show you Antarctica, Stonehenge, The Great Barrier Reef, or another striking location.

To enjoy the full VR experience, Google recommends a headset (including the basic Google Cardboard), your smartphone, and the chrome browser.

See Speak To Go With Google Video Demonstration

More Free VR Content From Google and Other Developers

Speak To Go is one of Google’s Web VR experiments. Google also hosts a platform called Web VR Experiments where users can view interactive content like games, demonstrations, and art. Google encourages developers to upload their content to the community.  The website works on many browsers, but Google recommends using Chrome and a VR headset.

“Everyone should be able to experience VR, and WebVR is a big step in that direction. It’s open to all browsers, making it easier for developers to create something quickly and share it with everyone, no matter what device they’re on.” – Google Press Release

What Do You Think About VR?

We previously shared news about Hulu and other companies moves into VR. Have you experienced VR entertainment? What do you think?


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