‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix Is About to Surprise Us All

As if it isn’t enough that the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ is set to hit Netflix on the 27th, but now we’re hearing about some after-season goodies we have got to discuss.

Stranger Things made huge waves in the streaming platform last year, and the buildup to this new season has been anything but quiet. Last year’s season was a huge success, and even though Netflix is very good about keeping their viewer numbers quiet, it’s been reported that Stranger Things had more than 14 million Netflix viewers, placing it at number three for the year. The only two shows that grossed more than that were Orange is the New Black and Fuller House (the latter irks me, but we’ll move on.)113maxresdefault

Coming in With a Bang

With the success of Stranger Things, Netflix is obviously trying to capitalize with this new season. In order to do so, viewers are apparently going to be able to watch some extra episodes known as Beyond Stranger Things outside of the actual show.

This mini-series will be hosted by super fan Jim Rash, and is supposed to include tons of extras including behind-the-scenes content, answers to popular questions and rehashes. The series will also include various guests including the show’s creators Ross and Matt Duffer, as well as other crew and cast members.

What Makes It Different?

Mini series’ that are watched at the end of a popular show’s episodes are not uncommon. The idea is not a new one, but the way it will become available, is. Essentially, viewers won’t be able to watch a singular show at the end of every Stranger Things 2 episode; rather, the mini-series will begin automatically at the end of this season’s very last episode.113Strangers-Things-s2-poster5-featured

This means that you’ve got to watch the entire season, before you can gain access to the mini-series. The premise behind this is not known for sure, but its rumored that Netflix is doing it as a way to increase the amount of content that users are streaming.

This isn’t surprising, since most die-hard fans are going to be binge-watching the show within a few days (or less). Having the content only available after the fact, ensures that Netflix can add on some extra streaming time as opposed to losing some viewers right when they’re done with the show. This kind of mini-series promises to give viewers a little more to hold onto, when hearts are broken at the end of the last episode.

Beyond Stranger Things also adds in some pretty cool fan art to its introduction, and the music for the show is a remix of the original score, which was created by super-fan Daniel Rosenfeld.

While this is the first time that Netflix is offering an after-show special as original programming, other networks have been very successful with other versions of an after-episode series. Programs such as HBO, AMC and BBC America have all had varying success with the idea, but I think it’s safe to say that the fandom of Stranger Things will make this mini-series an immediate hit.113beyond-stranger-things-trailer

It’s a very smart move in our opinion, but what do you guys think? Will you be binge-watching your Friday away? Or saving it for the weekend? Or not watching at all? (But you shoooould!) Let us know! Comment below, but no spoilers dang it!

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