Super Tech for the Super Bowl

Every year sports fans everywhere gather to cheer on their favorite team (or their second favorite team, depending on how the season went) in the annual Super Bowl. This is the sporting event’s 50th year and you can bet it will be an exciting event for all who tune in. Each year, technology becomes more and more involved in the epic football game, whether it’s through twitter debates, hilarious commercials or half-time show extravaganzas. But who really thought it could get much better than that?25thomas-davis-panthers-super-bowl-arm-surgery

Are we really surprised that technology has outdone itself again? For one player in the big game on Sunday, technology has given him the opportunity to play at his very best, regardless of an unhealed broken arm. Can you guess where I’m going with this? Of course I’m talking about 3D printing (I can’t stop, it’s a problem).

Jan 24, 2016; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson (95), outside linebacker Thomas Davis (58) and quarterback Cam Newton (1) celebrates with the George Halas Trophy after beating the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship football game at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Davis of the Carolina Panthers knew that his team was headed to the Super Bowl after they defeated the Arizona Cardinals on January 24th. While it was time for celebration for most of the pack, it was unclear for the team’s fans what would happen to Thomas Davis during the next two weeks leading up. In an unfortunate turn of events, Davis suffered a broken right forearm in the first half of the game and didn’t return. However, Davis explained to reporters that regardless of his injury, he was still going to play in the Super Bowl. As soon as the game ended, it was all about a recovery process that would allow Davis to play with his team with the efficiency and confidence that he always had.

Luckily for Davis, 3D printing has had a hand in his recovery, and will continue to do so on Football Sunday. That’s right-Davis will be the first NFL player to wear equipment that has been created by a 3D printer in a game. Pretty cool, huh?25WhiteClouds_Logo-1

Davis had a variety of arm braces to choose from that he would possibly wear for the big game. Each would need to protect the metal plate and 12 screws that are currently keeping the bones in place. A 3D printed arm brace was one of his choices, created by a company called Whiteclouds. They took a 3D scan of Davis’ arm and created an arm brace that would have a high level of shock absorbency. It was to be made from rubber and plastic materials, and was designed to also have breathability.

25super-bowl-brace-1080x675The creation was a collaboration between Whiteclouds and Scott Perone of 3D Elite, and the arm brace was so indestructible and flexible that Davis chose it over all of his other options.

So while you’re sitting with all of your friends and eating all of the delicious foods you’ve made from our recipe section (hint hint), make sure you check out the arm brace that Davis will be wearing. While 3D technology has been making food, body parts and all kinds of crazy gadgets, this sweet technology may have just saved the Super Bowl now too!

Who are you cheering for this weekend?!


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