Tech Solutions for Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are starting to think about the upcoming New Year and those pesky resolutions. (That are sometimes very hard to keep, might I add!) Luckily, there are lots of great tech toys to help us stay on track and achieve our goals for 2017.

Check out these resolutions and some of the tech that can make them more attainable:

Resolution: To get more sleep

Solution: Sleep Infuser

There are so many phone apps available to track your sleep, but are those things really helping us sleep any better? (I’m aware I didn’t sleep last night…thank-you, useless sleep app!) For a real solution, check out The Sleep Infuser, a conditioned sound system that promotes better sleep.

It’s been said that both loud noises and dull, low sounds can interfere with a good night’s sleep. That means it’s not just your noisy neighbor’s television keeping you up…even the sounds of a dripping tap could be screwing up your slumber! The Sleep Infuser doesn’t require you to put your phone under your pillow or to wear an uncomfortable tracker…simply plug it in and let it block out distracting sounds with white noise and low pulsing hums to keep your sleep consistent through the night. 129sleep-infuser-feature

Extra suggestion: That last episode on Netflix or a quick Instagram check before bed could be stopping you from getting to sleep. Block out the bright lights that interfere with your calm state by wearing BluBlocker Black Nylon Sunglasses a little while before bed so your eyes and brain are ready for sleep when you are.

Resolution: To drink more water

Solution: The Right Cup

Just like sleep apps, there are tons of ways for your phone to remind you to take a swig of your water bottle. And that’s all fine and good…but what happens when you basically just loathe the taste of water? That’s where things can get tricky.

To help, check out the Right Cup, a product we found on Indiegogo that’s sailed past its fundraising goals. Essentially, the cup is designed to make pure water taste and smell as though its flavored, without adding anything to your actual water. (I didn’t believe it at first, either!) The cup’s lip is made to mirror a sweet taste, while the center of the cup releases a fruity aroma to make you think your drinking something much sweeter and fun.

Right now the cup flavors include mixed berry, orange, apple and peach. If you’re a soda lover, don’t worry— the Cola-flavored cup is now looking for fundraising too! Get your H2O requirements, and enjoy them at the same time! (God bless you, 2016.)129wsv3wrhjcjql6jctn2uc

Resolution: To be more time-efficient   

Solution: Quip

Quip is a free application that is perfect for utilizing your time much more efficiently. Stop wasting time scanning, downloading, debating and changing. With quip, you and your team and share files, photos, to-do lists and more at the touch of a button.129quip-windows-100595650-primary_idge

Discuss issues and updates in real time and check in on everyone’s work and progress as they go. This app is used by social media greats including Mark Zuckerberg, so it has to be good! This is especially great for teams who are scattered throughout an office or in different locations—it’s easy to grab everyone for a quick chat or to share something as soon as you have it.

I can already hear the sighs of relief. Forget the time consuming meetings and matching of schedules! Quip is the perfect team organizer.129screen800x500


Did I get too far ahead of myself? I sometimes do that. I know some people are nowhere near done their holiday gift shopping so I’ve got something for you guys as well! Check out the best tech gift ideas right here so you can rest easy and relax for the remainder of the holidays.

Be safe this holiday season, T&B readers!


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