Technology vs. Technology-They invented what?


It’s hardly news anymore when a plethora of New Year’s articles boast that this will be the greatest year for technology yet. It can’t really come as a surprise that with all of the out-of-this-world progress we’re always making with technology, that 2015 would be projected to be any different. The interesting conversation lies more within the debate of whether or not technology continues to be helpful, or helpless? With so many products already invented, it’s safe to say some people are running out of ideas. Here are a few of this year’s inventions that can help both sides of the argument.

For Helping
Consider the newest technology from Google: The Google Smart Contact Lens. According to research done by Forbes, Google and pharmaceutical giant Novartis are pairing up to create a contact lens that will be able to measure the blood sugar levels of diabetics straight from their tear ducts. What. The lens itself has a “low power microchip”, and a “hair-thin electronic circuit”. The idea is that there will be an included app that updates the wearer, and lets them know of their levels on a frequent basis. The product wouldn’t be available for quite a few years, but it’s definitely an impressive argument for pro-technology considering there are twenty-nine million people in American alone suffering from diabetes.

Other nods to the good tech wizards of the world include the “TempTraq”, a pad that is placed on your child’s armpit and sends your phone frequent updates about their temperature. Another is Intel’s “Smart Clip”, a device that clips onto your child’s car seat, and measures temperatures in the vehicle. The invention connects to your phone, so if the clip is still closed when you leave it, you will be continually notified to return to your car. It’s definitely not impressive that there was a need for this technology, but it’s helpful nonetheless.


For Conversation
Welcome to the conversation, “Belty”. Introducing the motorized metal belt that can expand or shorten; depending on your waistline’s attitude. This is the kind of technology idea that would get picked on in the cafeteria. The belt was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and comes from the company Emiota. The wearer can see how their waistline changes throughout the day, and perhaps after the unnecessary second helping of dessert. It’s not exactly the best beacon for technology’s future, but it’s definitely something to bring up in awkward conversations.

Other slightly ridiculous-looking gadgets include “Rollkers”, resembling the skeleton of the Fischer-Price roller skates we all used to know and love. The new wheels are said to get you to wherever you’re going in half the time, with a prototype that fits all shoe sizes and can be worn on various terrains. The invention brings memories of the roller shoes, which recently became popular and had kids zooming all over malls and taking out shoppers. It’s not entirely clear if people are willing to re-learn this activity as opposed to running to make the bus though.

It’s a regular occurrence nowadays for someone to mention, “I have a new idea for an app!” or “I’ve thought of a new invention!” Creating and inventing has become much easier, and much more attainable not only for the rich, but for the regular Joe as well. With so many products constantly staking their claims in patents and trademarks, there’s no doubt that along with all of the positive technology changes we see this year, we’ll also get our fair share of “Did they really do that?” products as well. To each their own.


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  • Consider the microprocessor. Someone invented the microprocessor. But by itself, the microprocessor was nothing more than another piece on the circuit board. It’s what was

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