Texting: Awesome or Tragic?

Ah, cellphones, the latest saying of a woman/man’s best friend. Face it we refuse to leave home without them. We almost always have our cellphones whether they’re in our hands, in our pockets, or in our purses. However, the most common place that you will find a cellphone lately is in an individual’s car. Unfortunately, we will even see a cellphone within the hand of somebody driving.

Lately, most teens as well as adults have been witnessed texting on their cell phones while driving. In fact, it’s almost so frequent that most highways that I have seen lately have signs up that say “Don’t text and drive.” Actually, my number one favorite sign that I recently drove past read, “Text and drive, you will die.” Our highways have even gone to the extent of changing the ‘Rest Area,’ signs to ‘Text Stop.’ How ridiculous is this to the point that HIGHWAYS are taking notice to this addictive behavior.

Like I have stated in my previous articles, I’m not a hypocrite. I think texting is totally awesome! However, I don’t find it awesome to the point that I would risk my life nor anybody else’s just to send a message back to someone.

000Cell_phone_use_while_drivingThe reason why I am discussing this topic is because my father came home the other day, ranting. He explained a scene that he witnessed on the highway, which was; a man texting while driving in the car with two kids in the back. The man was apparently swerving on the highway as well and almost hit my father’s car. He then went on to say ‘something has to be done about this, kids need to wake up.’ I completely agree, kids need to wake up but you know what? So do adults.

I know many ‘adults’ who openly admit to sending text messages while driving. They text their bosses when they’re running late in traffic, they text their employees while driving home, they text kids throughout the day, and the average working person will even go so far as to checking their emails constantly. This has caused more accidents.

Now I have been told that it’s all about the technique of texting while driving.

The first technique that I was told, was to hold your phone over your steering wheel because this way you can see what you’re texting while still being able to ‘pay attention to the road.’ The second technique I was told was to keep in your lap, that way you don’t have to look to the side, just tilt your head down a little bit and tap. Also with this method you can pick your hand up and put it on the wheel when needed.


These suggestions were the most ludicrous suggestions I have ever heard in my entire life! You shouldn’t be texting period behind the wheel, 10 and 2!000September_26,_2007_accident,_highway_9,_CT You shouldn’t be coming up with ways to talk to your friends and drive at the same time. It is unbelievable the number of deaths that are cause by individuals who text and drive! Have we as a society become so dependent on hearing back from somebody and almost immediately needing to let them know we got their message?

I, once, texted my bosses to let them know that I was running late and let me tell you…that was the most nerve racking experience of my life! I knew once I sent those messages that it didn’t matter that I did ‘talk to text,’ I knew I still I have to look down at my phone and be sure that what I said was correctly written. I also knew that I was all over the road while saying this text. Right after that moment I realized I was lucky for a few reasons. The first reason being, I didn’t crash my car nor anybody else’s. Second reason was that nobody got hurt. And the third reason was I didn’t get caught.

Pay attention to that for a minute. I didn’t get caught. Is that what is so thrilling, maybe, about texting behind the wheel for teens and adults? We were able to do an illegal act (that isn’t drugs) and get away with it while still being able to be in touch with our friends? I know adults will just say it’s this generation that has doomed us all. Yet, we lead by example.

Adults were the ones who created and upped the game on cell phones as we know. They have designed newer and more creative ways to reach out to the ones we love. First there was texting, then BBM, then Facetime, Ooovoo, Skype, iMessage, and so on. This has made more and more individuals want to use these means of communication so much that it has deteriorated common sense behind the wheel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith all of this being said, I am not against texting by any means necessary. I love it, I use it ever single day, I may not respond to people right away because I get lazy like the college student I am, but I still love it. In fact, I love it so much that I refuse to do it behind the wheel so I can continue to do it once I park. So, yes, texting is amazing, fun, convenient, and easy. However, it is also highly dangerous to those who can’t break away from not using it for thirty minutes.

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you are responsible for yourself as well as everybody else out their on the road. What I mean by this is, you have one more way of preventing an accident from occurring if you choose not to text and drive. So please, when you get behind the wheel of a car whether it be today or tomorrow, keep your cell phones either in your purse, your glove compartment, back seat, trunk, something that won’t cause you or give you the urge to turn around look at it and respond. Be safe. Please don’t text and drive.


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