The End of the iPod Era That Has Many Confused

It seems like just yesterday when I was adding photos to my iPod. Even now they’re still on my photos album- pictures from high school, summer camp and old memories. I still have it to this day, although it does seem to collect more dust than do anything else- technology has just come too far at this point.

And it all makes sense. When we think about it, we’ve been saying good-bye to all kinds of tech toys over the last decade in a fairly fast fashion. Some things were harder to say good-bye to than others (I appreciated my VHS player, but the giant television that stuck out into the living room was happily removed.)

Now however, we’re losing another good soldier to the ever-changing world of tech. The iPod. It’s true, Apple has announced that it is finally cancelling production of the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle indefinitely, leaving some twinge of guilt and appreciation for the simpler things we’ve lost.728untitled

Last Man Standing

 The iPod Touch is the last version still standing, but there’s no telling how long that will last. It’s actually been four years since the iPod classic said it’s last good-bye, but seeing two of the most popular items have to take their bow as well really makes it clear how fast things are moving.

The first iPod was introduced in 2001, and it was as hot then as the rumored iPhone 9 is now. People loved the idea of these tiny music players, and they were a huge part of the progression of music playing as we know it today.   

The Big Guns 

As the iPhone and Apple Music have casually taken over the music scene, Apple has had no choice but to move on from their humble beginnings with the iPod. And it makes sense. There’s no point in carrying around two music devices when one provides you with the latest music, the oldest albums and matches any mood you’re feeling right then at the touch of a button.

And while I can understand that the iPod simply cannot compete, it’s with a bittersweet feeling that we say goodbye to something that was so instrumental.728psp-mini-hero-ipodnano_2x

So Whose Confused?

While many of us can attest to the iPod’s modern technology and popularity so many years ago, it’s sad to think that so many of the youngest generations have absolutely no idea what the heck an iPod is, and why they’d ever need to use something that couldn’t call their friends as well as play music.

This must be what it felt like for more seasoned populations to watch the record player slowly disappear from the forefront. And yet…that trend has recently made an impressive comeback, so we can only hope that one day the Nano or Shuffle will greet us in the music world once again.


What do you think about the retirement of the iPod? Do you think with the latest upgrades to phones that cameras will slowly become obsolete as well? Time will tell. Now that I mention it, check out these awesome ways to print your Instagram photos! Hey, if we’re going to keep moving forward we might as well do it with style, right?


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