Top Must-Have Toys Kids Will Love This Holiday

It’s never easy finding those must-have toys that kids start raving about as soon as Halloween ends. However, it’s the holidays, which means parents will be doing their best to find everything on their children’s perfectly drawn-up lists. Lots of girls and boys (who have been good) are going to be opening up some pretty sweet tech and toys this holiday season, which means we get to fill you in on all of the good stuff.

To help you out this holiday season, the following are some of the must-have toys kids will love this holiday:

  1. Star Wars: BB-8 by Sphero

For the Star Wars fans in your life (everybody), this BB-8 toy from Sphero is sure to get some smiles. Unlike the BB-8 from the movie, this version was made on planet Earth and is an app-enabled droid.

Based on your interactions with this fun piece of tech, he’ll react in different ways to communicate and can even respond to voice commands. After interacting for a while, you’ll even notice that this little guy evolves his personality! In patrol mode, BB-8 will begin exploring on his own, mapping out the area and sending information back to you.

Connect BB-8 via Bluetooth, and let him charge in his own personal cradle that turns him from a toy into a modern piece of artwork. May the force be with you when you search for this toy!1215l61opDwO28lL__SL1000_

  1. Toilet Trouble from Hasbro

After the huge success that was the “Pie Face Game”, Hasbro has come out with a new take on the game that is a little more morbid but also a lot funnier. It’s called ‘Toilet Trouble’, and this must-have toy takes on the same idea of getting pie in your face, except that you get sprayed with water from the toy toilet.

Spin the toilet paper or hit the flush one too many times, and you could be getting a serious spray and some serious laughs this season. Bring it along to kid or adult functions; it’s sure to be a hit with everyone!1215l781814a2-4e36-493a-a452-c996d886a6b4

  1. FurReal Roarin’ Tyler from Hasbro

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler is a playful tiger that’s perfect for the little angel in your life. This must-have toy has been in huge demand, likely because of its friendly face and ability to communicate with others through roaring. Kids can muster up their own loud roars, and Tyler will respond right back!

Don’t worry, that’s not all he has to offer. Tyler also comes equipped with more than 100 sounds and motion combinations; every response is a new one! Not only is his tech super adorable, but he’s also soft and cuddly which is a win in my books.1215l160688

  1. Laser X -2 Player Pack from Character Options

Remember the good old days of Laser Quest? You and your friends were equipped with laser guns and cool nicknames, then sent out into the laser world to defeat your foes. It was the perfect way to let off some steam, and quickly make the top scorer’s list.
These days, kids can still visit Laser Quest, but why do that when you can have all the same fun at home? The Laser X -2 Player Pack from Character Options comes equipped with two laser guns and target pads so kids can play endless rounds with their friends and siblings (or you).

The lasers have a range of 60 meters, and the set comes with voice coaching, lighting effects, music and more. This popular tech-toy is the perfect purchase for any game-lover on your list.1215l71hRJHr5lJL__SL1200_


Get the nice kids in your life something special this year with the must-have toy that they’ve been dreaming about! Do you remember wanting a certain toy in particular as a kid? Comment below and tell us what it was!




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