Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat Produce Original Video Content

Get ready Hulu and Netflix! You may soon compete with top social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat may produce unique, original video content to stream through their channel.

If you follow technology news, most likely you heard of the cord-cutting trend. In a 2016 report from market research company GFK, 25 percent of homes do not watch cable television. This ratio decreases among younger adults aged 18-34, 40 percent do not subscribe to cable. Many subscribe to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Popular social media channels already stream hundreds of hours of user-created video content. Now it appears they want you to turn to them for more than funny cat videos.511ound-145674_1280

We already reported on YouTube’s new streaming television subscription service. Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are taking baby-steps into live and original video entertainment.

Twitter Wants To Be Your First Screen For News & Live Events

According to Adweek, Twitter is the top social media platform for a second screen while watching television. 72 percent of Twitter users tweet during live broadcasts and 90 percent have tuned into a program after they see a program-related tweet. Twitter already dominates the “second screen,” but can they become your first screen?

Over the past year, Twitter partnered with big players like the National Football League to stream live events and games. Besides sporting events, they streamed fashion shows, concerts, and technical conference events. They are now moving into streaming the news.

Twitter announced a partnership with Bloomberg Media to offer a 24-hour, free streaming news service as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Twitter also announced they will stream content from at least 12 different media partners over the next year in a recent investor’s call.511twitter-1795652_1920

Will Facebook Video Move Beyond Cute Cats and Recipes?

Recode and other online tech publications reported that Facebook is shopping for exclusive live video content from Vox Media and others. Video dominates on Facebook and has for at least a couple of years. So far, Facebook’s moves into original content appear to boost their Facebook Live feature.

What About Snapchat?

Relative newcomer Snapchat also explores original video content. Last week, Fortune reported Snapchat’s partnerships with major media players to produce short-form five-minute videos. Some potential Snapchat partners include NBC, VICE, HGTV, Comedy Central, MTV, and maybe even the BBC. The best-known example is Snapchat’s partnership with NBC’s hit The Voice.

Do you see yourself watching news, sports, and entertainment on your favorite social media channel?


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