Updates to Snapchat When You Thought They Could Do No More

The world of snapchat is a complicated one. At first, it was merely a place to send quick photos and messages, but it’s quickly evolved into a much bigger world. And so, it should. At least, that’s what you’d expect with a social app that has done so well in the last decade.

From the first face filters and the big reveal of face swapping, to snap stories and unlimited loops, there have been quite a few updates that have really impressed users. However, where there is good, there is also bad.

Recently, we were introduced to a new feature on Snapchat that caused a bit of a ruckus when it comes to privacy. The feature was referred to as “Snap Map”, which acts as a locating feature that seems to be going a little too far for some user’s comfort levels.
Other features seem much more harmless, but it’s all subject to personal scrutiny. What do you think about these new features?

Feature 1: Snap Map77snapchat-snap-map

Snap Map gathers information about people’s locations from their phones, and lets other users know where they are based on that information. While that’s pretty standard in our world, it seems the feature is getting some bad media. The idea is that you can check out a virtual map and see user’s bitmojis on a virtual map at any given time to find out where they are.
But that’s not all. Snap Map can also use information from the phone to try to figure out what people are actually doing. Based on their speed and a number of other factors, Snap Map can reveal if a person may be driving, walking or even flying in a plane.

Not everyone hates the idea; some use it as a tool to find nearby friends or hot spots. However, it’s not a very ideal app for those who aren’t supposed to be where they are, or who say they’re one place when they’re really another. It seems this kind of feature is likely to be more of a trouble maker for couples and friends than one that helps bring people together.

Have you tried this feature?

Feature 2: Internal Links

Apparently, it’s been a longstanding conversation that Snapchat doesn’t allow usable links in their snaps. Today that’s all changing. Now you will see the image of a paperclip in your photo and video editor, which will allow you to type in a link for viewers to see.

All they have to do is swipe up on your photo or video to be taken to a website via Snapchat’s internal web browser. This is likely going to be an ideal media tool for existing businesses and companies, as Snapchat already took advantage of the explainer video to input a link to their own Spectacles page.

Seems like a fairly low-key tool that’s been in the que line for a while, but if there’s anything to say about it, it’s one of the features that sets it apart from existing media like Instagram.77Paperclip-snapchat-TEXT-2017

Feature 3: Backdrops

This is a super cool feature that I could certainly get with. This feature seems fairly harmless, giving users the ability to cut out objects in a photo, add a cool backdrop and then drop the images back into the photo.

It makes for a fun new tool to play around with, but could also be a smart way for businesses and self-made snapchat stars to keep entertaining their viewers in a colorful new way. Simply tap the scissors icon in the photo editor and then the backdrop icon. Trace around your specific object (it can be anything), select a backdrop design and then drop the image back in.77Snapchat-backdrops-voice-filters-paperclips-796x474


Sometimes it seems like Snapchat has done all that it can, and then it comes out with all of these cool new ideas. Hats off to the creators, coming up with all of these new features and staying relevant with the short attention spans of the latest generations.

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So, tell us: Are you going to be utilizing these tools in your next snap?

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