Watch the Latest Movie Releases Just Weeks After Their Debuts

When new movie releases are on their way, I get pretty hyped up. It’s almost unavoidable these days, with all of the awesome quality films coming out and the ease with which we can access previews ahead of time. There have even been releases of the next three years of Disney movie titles and they already have me itching to line up in front of the theatre for perfect back row seats.

And while I personally enjoy the whole experience of heading to the movies, packing into a room and being blown away along with everyone else, there is also something to be said for being able to enjoy a good flick right on your cozy couch.

The only problem we’ve had with that, is that you have to wait for the movies to come out. As in…likely hearing all about the movie before you get to see it and finding out who dies at the end thanks to your smart friends who went and saw the flick in theatres. (First world problems.)818untitled


Movie releases usually take months to be released after they’ve been at the theatres, but it may not stay that way forever. In fact, word on the street is that Apple and Hollywood have been in cahoots, discussing the potential to have new movies accessible much sooner than we’re used to.

It’s said that Apple has been talking with big names such as Universal Pictures and Warner Bros., brainstorming about the option to have new movie releases available for personal viewing mere weeks after their theatre debuts.818itunes_movies

My initial thoughts were that this idea kind of downplays the whole movie-going experience. Is it possible that the notion might even start messing with movie theatre success? I can easily see people skipping out on the theatre experience when they know they don’t need to wait very long to watch new flicks at home. In the same breath, those movies that you sadly couldn’t make it to or that you would prefer to catch on your own might be worth this new option. What do you think?

Too Good to Be True?

Upon further research, there’s obviously a catch to an idea this good. If you want to skip the line and catch movie releases a few weeks after their opening night, you’re going to have to be willing to pay a pretty penny. It’s been reported that these films could cost anywhere between $30-$50 to purchase for at-home viewing, which sounds like an awful lot if you’re watching it on your own.818sm movies 02

On the other hand, if you’ve got a group of people together to watch the latest from Hollywood, spending a little extra off the top will likely be worth it compared to the price of individual movie tickets.

The Politics

Of course there’s politics! What’s holding off the whole project is a layer of uncertainty for theatre chain operators, who are still unsure about the idea and how it will benefit every party involved.

There has been talk about sharing some of the revenue from the movie releases with involved movie theatres, but theatre chain operators are requesting at least a 10-year commitment to this idea which isn’t sitting well with studios.

The stalemate has slowed down the entire process, however it is possible that we could see an agreement made by next year. Movie fans everywhere could soon be catching the newest released mere weeks after their release, without having to pay for the overpriced popcorn and annoying kid kicking the back of their chair. (Heaven).

So what do you guys think? Would you be willing to wait a few weeks for movie releases, just so you can catch them in the comfort of your own home? Or is it worth it to wait in lines and get the full experience the day of release? Comment below!


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