Your Best Self Starts with a Happier New Year

We all want to be our best self; an individual who feels good about who they are, and who spreads their positive attitudes to those around them as well. As the new year approaches, these feelings of wanting to improve certain aspects of our lives are magnified by all of the resolutions that you’re sure to hear about.01222tumblr_static_daily_happifier__1_

Some people want to be happier by finding a job they love, while others might become happier by seeing more of their family. All of the answers are different, but the goal is simple: the be our best self, as often as we can.

We want to help you nail those New Year’s resolutions, (or perhaps those goals that you put together for yourself on a regular Tuesday that has nothing to do with any holiday.) You do you! We recently came across a phone app that we’re really excited about, and we wanted to share it with all of you. If you end up trying it out, let us know by commenting below!

The Happify App

When doing some research around New Year’s resolutions and what people are commonly looking to improve upon, we learned that many people want to be happier in general. We are all experiencing different emotions for all kinds of reasons, but one thing is for sure: Being happy feels sooo good!

We learned about a new app called Happify, which uses evidence-based solutions to get people on the track to a happier outlook. The app has been recognized by all kinds of names including Forbes, The New York Times and the New Yorker.01222l22678

How does Happify Work?

If you want to be your best self, you’ll certainly want to feel good about yourself. When we’re feeling certain emotions like sadness or anxiousness, it’s hard to bring out or best self. The goal of this app is to use tools and programs, which help you to take control back of your emotions and thoughts. Kind of a re-vamped way of turning your frown upside-down, without all of the cliché.

Experts and scientists have been working together on the app, to figure out the best approaches and techniques that will shape themselves to the needs of each individual. (Since no two of us are the same!) Happify relies on groundbreaking research in the field of positive psychology, to offer a multitude of happiness-boosting strategies to apply to our everyday life.

The exercises are super simple to perform, and the integrated app can be used across all platforms including phones, tablets and laptops. This way, you can always check in and get a boost no matter where you are.01222happiness-infographic-text


Lots of people have already been using Happify, and the results show that the app seems to be helping them to find their best self. Before using the app, only 45% of user’s emotions were positive. After using the app for a few months, their numbers were up to 80%. (via It was also shared that 86% of users felt much happier within two months of using the app; the timeframe might seem long, but it may be more than worth it in the end.

So, who wants to feel their very best heading into 2018? We know we do! There’s been so many amazing things happening in the world of technology this year that we often become overwhelmed with all of the connections, apps and platforms. Sometimes, it’s a great idea to just shut off the Wi-Fi and take a moment for ourselves and the ones closest to us. Give it a try!

We hope you all have a relaxing holiday season and a great New Year’s that brings out your very best self!



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