YouTube has New and Improved Rules for “Kid-Friendly” Content

YouTube is an incredibly confusing place, even when you don’t explore the content dubbed “kid-friendly”. This is obviously due to the fact that anyone can post almost anything, and the result is a serious mish-mash of amazing content and ‘What the hell did I just watch?’ content.

It’s usually a toss-up if you’re not familiar with an account. Whatever you’re about to watch could go either way, but that’s the chance we take.

When it comes to kids and YouTube, things get even more dicey. Trying to properly introduce kids to social media is tough enough as it is, without giving them a free pass to the dark corners of the web.

When it comes to YouTube’s “kid-friendly” content, you would assume that you would have a fairly straightforward set of videos to watch, right? I mean, it’s kid’s content …so my assumption would be that you’ve got a lot of cartoons, definitely some funny cat videos and educational material too.

While there is a lot of that quality content available, it’s come to the attention of many that there is also a lot of crap content as well. And not just boring, useless crap …but inappropriate, makes-you-uncomfortable kind of crap.1124youtube-696x366

YouTube has been having a hard time classifying what it really means to be “kid-friendly”, but after red flags started shooting up on some of the most-watched YouTube channels, they’re finally trying to set some stricter ground rules.

Red Flags for YouTube’s Kid-Friendly Content

One of the most recent YouTube pages to get the cut was known as Toy Freaks, which boasted more than 8 million subscribers and the 68th spot for most-watched channel. Before, you could browse through hundreds of videos of a father and his two children, but now all you can see is a banner from YouTube explaining that the site was taken down.

The reason being, is that many viewers began to report the page, expressing their concerns for child exploitation and the inappropriate situations that the children were being put into. While some of the videos are in good fun, others follow the father capturing his daughter in obvious distress over a loose tooth and a bloody mouth. Another shows a panicked young girl with the video titled, “Real Spider Attacks Annabelle Freaks Out Screaming in Truck ‘Not a Toy’.”

That page has since been removed, and its sister channel has now been cut down to only one video. Other pages are sure to get the axe in the coming months, as YouTube tries to crack down on these apparent “kid-friendly” channels that seem to include children, but are in no way appropriate for the eyes of younger viewers.

YouTube Changing its Parameters

YouTube is changing the parameters of what can be considered friendly for kids, and holy smokes is it ever time. For too long YouTubers have been able to exploit the fact that it’s just too easy to slip their content into ‘kid-friendly’ streams, with a simple title or a popular cartoon character.

Children could be watching their favorite musical group, only to be sent suggested videos of parodies of the same group with inappropriate language and images. The restrictions just weren’t strict enough, and adults have been taking advantage.1124Elsa-SWAT-machine-gun

To change this, YouTube is doing a few things to protect families and children online.

Warnings will now be displayed for content that includes family-friendly characters, but that uses mature themes and adult humor. Warnings will also be applied to videos that may put children in harm’s way, regardless of whether or not the uploader knew it would happen.

There will also be a removal of monetization for those videos that implement kid’s characters, but who use them for adult themes and humor. For example, sending Peppa the Pig to the butcher might get a lot of views, but the account won’t be seeing any more cash for their- ummm…creativity.1124youtube-kids-main

Videos with inappropriate comments about children will have their comment options shut off completely, and YouTube is increasing their Trusted Flaggers to crack down on videos that have seemingly innocent titles and characters, but who quickly turn way too inappropriate for kids.

What do you guys think of YouTube strengthening its rules? Fair or not? Comment below!

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