Hyperkin Smart Boy: Your Nostalgia is Loading

Depending on where you are, spring may be coming along quite nicely. For those such as myself, Mother Nature hasn’t quite decided if she likes us yet. Regardless, it’s about high time we started opening the windows, and cleaning out the settled layers that have accumulated over a very long winter season. While you’re cleaning, make sure to dig up those old video game consoles and games that you’ve long forgotten about or failed at selling on eBay…get ready for a blast from the past. Not sure what I’m talking about?sonic-su-megadrive_7xje

Well brush off the dust, find your favorite games and get ready for a new beginning for those old beloved games.

Game-Boy-ColorA company called Hyperkin is in the business of digital accessories and cool new inventions, and what began as an April Fools joke of an invention is now in the actual works. The company posted about a new idea they had to build a Gameboy phone case, which would actually allow you to slide in games and play on your iPhone screen. When the idea went viral and people showed great interest, Hyperkin decided to make it an actual reality. The Hyperkin ‘Smart Boy’ will resemble the old gray box that was the original travel video game for kids of the 80’s and 90’s. Gather all of those old Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges, because they will all be functional with this new accessory; so long as you possess an iPhone6.

After some research, it came to my attention that a lot of gamers find this idea to be pretty useless. Apparently there are a lot of other options that already exist for traveling game play, including the products of MOGA, a company focused on travel gaming accessories. Their Moga Hero Power controller also holds smart and android phones, with pretty impressive graphics and a built-in charger for your phone while you play. And while it does seem as though someone has already thought of all this before Hyperlink, there were some solid arguments for Game Boy fans.Link-Blue

Many argued that Hyperlink’s new idea isn’t all about re-creating something that someone has already thought of, but more about creating the nostalgic feeling of playing on that chunky grey box we all loved as kids. Though it doesn’t seem to have a charger, it is pretty cool that you’re able to bring the game along with you anywhere you go, and have access to your phone as well. It’s really just about appreciating the old school games we loved in a way that’s reminiscent of our past. Personally I think at a fair price of about $40.00 this product will still do well, having the ability to peak the interest of those who still own the GB cartridges and wouldn’t mind blending them with the technology of today.41xm-o43dzL

If you’d rather get your game on from home but haven’t got those old consoles anymore, Hyperkin has a series of consoles named RetroN 1,2,3 and 5 on their site for sale. These consoles allow you to play the old games you have, including those from SEGA, Super Nintendo, NES, Gameboy and more. Each RetroN gets more and more expensive, with the RetroN 5 going for $160.00; however this console is compatible with almost all of the other cartridges and has on the fly saves.

Mario%20Kart%2064%20I’ve never been a huge gamer, but I can recall the days playing Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong with my sister. And if someone whips out some Mario Kart, there is no way I’m not having a turn. Looking back now, these old school games seem incredibly innocent and non-detrimental in comparison to the video games you see kids playing today.  Here’s hoping kids get on the classic Game boy bandwagon; after all, who wants to shoot guns when you can poop bananas from the back of your car?


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